I am half-awake

And, I don’t know,

The part that is asleep

Feels fine

As if all the trouble’s muted

For a while

I don’t have to struggle

Nothing is pressing beyond

Finishing a cup of coffee

Will that wake me up?

Typically, it doesn’t


The branches outside barely move

It is bright green

A late-summer day

Looking hot, though I can

Stay inside, indolent’s agenda

Tomorrow is a waiting story

On-deck as in baseball

Or in a breathing box

(the kind with air holes)

I’ll have to be away

It’s supposed to be the warmest

For the week

I have the quiet of today

And leaving tomorrow

Where it waits


‘Til providence and nature open,

As they do

With or without

My willing participation

Simply a kind of attending

Call it breathing


Then it comes

With a kind of noise

Call it dawn or simply



And there it is

I nearly forgot

Sign of a headache that

Will not go away

Idyll’s done

With or without detail that

Painting or other art deserves


C L Couch



Vorfrühling (Schäfer mit seiner Herde im Abendlicht), signiert A. Fink, Öl auf Leinwand, 71 x 104 cm

August Fink –, Public Domain,