I didn’t see the micro-moon

Last night

I think it was too small

I think it was bounced around

The points of stars

Like the silver ball

In an arcade machine

A comet might have caught it

With its tail

And shooed it to

Another side of night


Perhaps the Milky Way gave way

To make a berth of its fluidity

For a small moon to rest

Off the path


The moon must rule at night

That is a cosmic dictum

But every now and then

(it takes an apogee)

There is a smaller size

And there is room among the lesser


A greater sky-democracy

That gets everything up there

To partner up to grace

‘Round and as

All the spheres


It was cloudy haze and haze of clouds

But it was fun to think another night


C L Couch



Image by esudroff from Pixabay