Jesus Saves—I Saw This on a Rock Near Some Water


God is love

What does that mean?

The catechist might ask of us

Not to be tricky but because

The Bible assertion’s actual


It means that

Metaphors have power

That words carry meaning,

Even of an overwhelming kind

That God is love

As God is a spirit,

Another claim from

The same source


A claim that God might be corporeal

In Jesus, as Christians say

Also metaphoric

In a human-drawn creed, as

Fully human, full-divine

But God is regardless and always

A spirit

Something that might not need

A body or a well-known shell of divinity

To be present


Do you believe in legends?

I often do

And I think material

The roses in the mantle

Or the cloak,

Red and real


If we had been there

We could have been stung

By thorns

While lost in wondering

Prodding impulsive touches


But the thorn, the flower

They are love, too

As was the Aztec’s faith

That simply took the flowers

In the cloth

To change the bishop’s

Encroaching unbelieving attitude


So faith is love and change for good

And miracle as well

And so God as love might be these, too

While in and with the spirit

We might take part

Right now

Later on

Whenever love might call

Leaving a message

We call back


C L Couch



Image by Светлана Бердник from Pixabay › wiki › Our_Lady_of_Guadalupe › our-lady-of-guadalupe › saints › saint