(starting, starting over)


A basement

Pylons for tall buildings

Makeup for the face

Exposition and a theme

For the story

(how we begin

why we are here)


Because our gravity is positive,

We start construction

At the bottom,

Working up to heights

Adding touches for

A final presentation

(for the face at a party

or simply for a day)


The Christian Bible speaks to

A foundation of rock

A metaphoric house, maybe a

Bishop in Rome


Older types in mind sing

How firm a foundation


Foundations need not be

Beautiful, I guess

But they are the start

Green flags

Signs that things are coming

Strong things, we hope


The revelation of a purpose on its way

How much more, we will not know

‘Til we are done


Whatever the iteration

Or evangelism

Foundations themselves

Have a single purpose

A basement

Or a note to tune

Letters on paper

Brush to cheek


You know, I think in department

Stores, when messages were rung

Foundation stood, so to say

For underwear


It might be hiding soon

(might be)

But it has enabled

Everything to start

To see, to touch

To use

On the way and especially

After dedication


The pre-beginning, as it were

Carrying the vision

Everything added


Something starts from something

The physics of construction

(any kind)

Something more or less



Immortal, invisible

Nothing else can rise

Without this first work


Unlike promises of songs that

Are of God

And God,

What is built will not last

All resolved into

The base of Ozymandias

Should Liberty fail

Due to the hate and anger

Ego of this age

I wonder if someone will write

Across her broken toes

I am Ozymandias


Look on my works, ye mighty


We could build on humility, after all

Courteous discretion

Let love be our guide

On all the buildings

All the faces

You might say ridiculous

While I must say essential


Build up in every way,

My friends

(yes, in that way, too)

Add on, though I must also say

Build with simplicity

The beauty of what leaves room

For admiration



And wonderment


End of lessoning

Start of day

Built on everything before

To supplement

To correct

In all things

To create

Co-create, that is




I’m not sure my younger brother

Would forgive me, if

I did not cite the series by Isaac


Eponymous (with the poem, not

Asimov, and with his work),

Adding cosmic learning

And significance

In case divinity

In art or rhetoric

Might not be agnostically



C L Couch



Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

During our trip through New Zealand we found this sweet spot. All the bras are from visitors. This is a social campaign from the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation near Queenstown. They collect some money with a little box for donations. Greet opportunity to finance a little bit for the research to fight against breast cancer.