(images on TV)


What do I know,

If you are one of these


If you are one of these,

I guess

You’ll have a uniform

You won’t worry over clothing

You’ll have a gun, no



No doubt, it’s heavy

You’ll have ammunition

In bags with clips

Hanging from your belt

You’ll sink into the Earth, some


You’ll walk a great deal

Then stand still

There will be drink, eventually

And food

Technically, you won’t have

Worries over these as well

Pay, maybe

That could go to your family, maybe


You won’t have worries

You’ll have purpose

You can reclaim your ego

You can keep it in your pocket


Keep it in your pocket

No one will care

It is a matter of indifference

Should you make it through the day

Unless your leaders are unusual



Strategically (either way),

It might be helpful if

(fewer supplies to use)

Some of you should die

More people seeking meaning

On the way

They might bring their own

(they won’t

they don’t have it)


Not much for recruitment (then)

Clothing, food, and drink

A purpose without will

No worry

No one should wonder why


No one should wonder why

The unformed ranks might

Grow, inflating individuals to

Little more than


Waging, becoming small wars


How quickly it must feel

The first part so far

A way of life, so far


C L Couch



Photo by Bash Fish on Unsplash