Take Down the Cosmos from the Shelf


It might be morning

Sing us a new day, please, O Lord,

And ministrations of the angels

Slough off dead leaves

From trees

And unliving skin cells from our bodies

Renew everything

And let all organic detritus

Feed what is living now


Maybe it takes more than miracle

To renew the Earth

Let alone start new life on other worlds

We won’t know until we get to these

Or receive their emissaries

Maybe in meteors and microbes

For a start


Is it all expanding,

Then what happens next?

Who’s to say it doesn’t slingshot back

To start it all again?

Or that something won’t be surging

From the center, once there’s


Like black holes we have found

In the middle of known galaxies,

Which might be feeding

Something that will birth among the stars

As stars

For introduction to new layers

And new ages

Bright leaves as pages

For stories we would have never

Otherwise conceived


There is some faith

And magic of belief

In all that’s startling

Ancient tome and

What is behind that

With a virtue and a prayer

We take it

Songs inside muscles

Here is creation


C L Couch



Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash