A mystery

At night


Lights off, no need

A single glow for reading

Another for the exit


I tell you a mystery

I’m not sure about the victim


All of us from Eden


The perpetrator

The design behind

Agencies of evil

More than that, I cannot, may not say


The weapons


Anger turned into ambition

(it could have come from something else)




Items for building

Turned to wreck

To rot

A life

From any usefulness

From beauty


The motive

Ask of us


Things to think about

Or feel through as

Later at night

Might turn to vigiling


Pray for us

The innocents

Those outside the drama

Now framed in viscerality

And doubt


The victims

Who should go to heaven

Deserving all reward

And will have none of it

But celebration


That’s for morning

Tonight we have a calm confusion

To keep

Cupped in each palm

(that might have held something else),

Paradox an artifact

Having a sharp edge

Maybe thorns


With care, then

All of us in darkling time

Taking up, taken or brought

To mystery


C L Couch



church at night.png


(moon) Image by Muhamad Ikhsan from Pixabay

(church image by) Lijonama80 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,