I’ll Come Back Later for the Rite

(I know I need it)


I’m sorry I

Did so many things

So many things,


Not perfectly?

Is that what I was thinking?

At the time, I didn’t think

But now I think back

I know, it’s getting foolish

I think that is

What I was thinking

Back of thinking, that

Everything could be done, yes

(I get it

I didn’t get it),

With perfection

If only I applied

Whatever we’re cajoled

Into applying

As in, if you’d only apply yourself


There is much less energy for this, now

Not because of age

But because of sadness

And some depression

(“more” mollified through medication)

Enough defeat, enough disappointment

In quantity and quality

To understand a little more

About humanity

Not to suss out

Philosophies of error

But to say at last, at least I’m one of you

Please don’t bother me anymore

For more


C L Couch



Photo by Grant Whitty on Unsplash