Mischief Intercession

(not my place)


I hope she is okay

I pray she is okay

Like victims from a fire

That was our time together

I bear what I should bear

And should know more


I should not take the lead

Unless it’s time

That is the bearing of our time

Now fluid and porous

Like a dam built by fish

Whose instinct is to do another

I suppose out of desperate

Ignorance, they could simply

Swim into the opening

Thus making something,

Knowing from a spirit

(even zeitgeist)

That something has to change


I should have given more over to


We both could have followed service

Better than the pronouns

We kept separate

As in a box that will not open

Forget the need for opening to pleasure

And pleasure’s change,



Well, this was a prayer

Still is

I hope she’s okay

I pray she is


C L Couch



Photo by Bryan Garces on Unsplash