What Do You Say, Dear?


Sometimes in weariness we wander

While we stay inside, trying to take in

The world about


How much sense we can make with

What immediate surrounds us

We don’t know,



We can open a book of the paper

Or electric kind, and we should


Where do answer lie?

Like asking of the hills to bring our help

Or something in a psalm


We don’t need a tube (that

Kind of lumen, as I understand it)

We can read

We can listen, better

(though we listen to the reading words, I’m sure)


More directly,

We can have an understanding

With all atoms we encounter

We can be grateful


A moment of small noise in which

We utter some


And with an attitude re-enter everything


C L Couch



What Do You Say, Dear? is a delightful and wise book by Sesyle Joslin, illustrated by Maurice Sendak.


Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Chester, United Kingdom