(lids on hot food for now)


I woke up with a cold

I don’t care

I have this hour

And a day that could go twenty-four

Or become an age

As in day of the dinosaur,

Which is a really long day


You woke up this day with what you have

I hope it’s good

And if it’s not,

I hope it gets good and even better

For the hardship


We are awake

We have today

There’s sunshine somewhere

And out there the stars are turning

Movement proves life

Be easy

Or be crazy

Have a thought for someone else

And what she’s going through


We’ll see each other soon

Dancing in the skies

The circle won’t be broken or

Truth made out of lies


Now thinking-reverie must pause

Because there’s food and drink somewhere

And labor must be easy for a time

I hope we find the feast

Thank the host

Thank the guest

Hang on, if we must

Go in, because we can


C L Couch



Photo by Mark Cruz on Unsplash

New York, United States