Many Times Sing a Christmas Carol


There are so many renderings

Of A Christmas Carol


I have my favorites, Sim’s and

Finney’s (he’s my favorite

Poirot, too)—not simply done many

Times but rewritten:

Scrooge as a woman (only two times

That I know of), Marley as the lead,

Ballet, opera, one-person

Show, and shows of many other



It’s the happy ending, I suppose

Though it might be the theme

That is not Christmas (sorry) but



Maybe in art as in life, we all

Want to be saved


Christmas, by the way, comes off a

Character, almost the protagonist—for

If not the hero of a savior being born,

How could there be the rest?


I do want God to bless you, everyone


C L Couch



Photo by Shaouraav Shreshtha on Unsplash

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