It’s Not a Race


We take chances

Just to breathe

But breathing’s good

We should stay with that


We should keep going

We don’t need to manufacture

Inspiration or wait

For it to fall as

A perfect weight from heaven


There are things to believe in now

Silly things and absolutely vital

I’m thinking babies

To get to know and fight to keep

I’m thinking neighborhoods

To get to know and fight to keep

I’m thinking other people

And the babies, too

If not first of all


First of all,

There’s God

More than ninety percent of the world

Would agree

And all of nature, too

We can listen for God’s word

Spoken through wind

And words in good books


We can’t afford to be crazy now

The world is too close

Though there’s still room

The sense of it could be

That here’s a planet:

We are here

Others will follow

Someday we will leave

It would be good because we choose to


We are old

We are new

Please, let’s keep trying

The day might not be waning

It does not matter yet

There’s time

There’s play between the seconds

Elastic possibilities

Keep breathing

Keep moving


C L Couch


Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Shibuya, Japan