two poems about associating



(drafted today)

Loony Like a Tune


I don’t know much

But I know this

Carson City is the capital of Nevada

Bugs Bunny told me so

I think he was being pressed

By Yosemite Sam


I don’t mean to push a copyright

This was the stuff of childhood

I remember things


My older brother and I once

Ran around the basement,

Making woop-woop sounds because the

Three Stooges were on TV


And because I read about the Hardy boys

I found something good in reading

Read other things

And became the English teacher


Who owns these associations?

I have to wonder

We own our minds

In spite of agendas toward dystopia

And sometimes cultic ravings


I think I still need my

Cartoons and my easygoing stories

Found in books with little weight

We never know when a bad,

Mechanistic idea might

Come along

One response

To act like a fourth

Stooge rather than a minion


That last stanza looks like Minnesota

I wonder what cartoons

They need up there



(drafted yesterday, I realize)


(an argument I’m never going to have)


You think I do this because

I don’t know enough words


It has meaning

You know this when you use it

Home of the brave

The seventh-inning stretch

Lady Macbeth

She doth protest too much

(who is not that lady)

The referencing ties us all

In ties that bind

Silken cords, I imagine

(and I borrow)

And we refer to Genesis or anything

To say like Whos to Horton,

We are here



C L Couch



Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

Panther Pond, ME

Mother Loon Shakes Off