Peace for All Time

(a three-part cycle)



Machine Language


Each moment’s a decision

To exhale,

To circulate some blood

To let the body stir for a while longer

To let the synapse burn

Brightly with mind-fire,

Transactions between what’s happening

And memory

Much of this is done for us

But there’s a partnership, I think

Between all parts

The automatic will take over for

The temporary

When immediacy of thought and movement

Are tired out

Call it sleep

Call it the second cup of tea

Taken on the porch

When for a time there’s nothing else to do

And this has been invoked

Because needed,

The ending of which we’ll debate


Peace an invention,

A transaction

Between all partners

Serving on the inside





I won’t take it back

Not yet

I need to know the outcome,

Did I get anything I wanted


If penance is a prayer,

I’ll do my part

If it’s in bad feeling,

I’m already there

And counting


A return to normalcy

And what is that

It takes me out of this

Otherwise, I want

The special moments back


But it’s the future, now




Say them with me, maybe

All the prayers,

Then let’s move on



The Answer Is in Someone Else as Well


Inner peace

That’s cool

It’s not enough

If I’m in my chrysalis

And have no sight of yours

Or time


Where is my peace

If not in you?

This is cheating an invocation,

For it’s not a talk to God

But to you

The one nearby

And not inside

We need transaction, too

And more


You need to carry me

And I a part of you

A magic story in which twins

Keep a gem lit by the light force

Of the other

And there’s responsibility


In our story,

We will partner differently

That is, for real

Not to prevaricate conditions

But to say push on

Make peace because

We know each other now

To arbitrate


And there’s no other way

To build the day

That each must have

Into a present contract

As the future


C L Couch



Photo by Jarrod Reed on Unsplash