I don’t care who’s at fault

As I slip from Earth

There will be rage and judgment

From our advocates in heaven

While we are carried

Souls inside

The fearsome (fearful) wings of angels


I don’t care who your leaders are

They’ve all turned faithless

In this, the taking of our lives

I see her, now him

Now small ones,

This is all they have

Yes, it’s glorious

But more time on Earth

Was called for


The ground or air will have my body

But I should be walking, still

Upon the planet

Even a nestling of supernal charms

Is difficult to manage

Though we were caught in time

Too fast is fast enough


Sad, outrageous, peaceful, stolen

Those who are left, caught here

With the search

For conviction

Have got to know there’s hope

If never own it

Or, if owning it,

Feel it

Rather the irony of forced agnoticism


C L Couch



Photo by Akira Hojo on Unsplash


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