Empty Container at Your Door


I need something

Maybe you have it

Not a reason

I have reasons

Not a cup of sugar as

A metaphor


How about some spice?

Might you have

Oregano, bay leaf—

Or some mint leaves for

A julep or mojito?


Anything that might

Speak up of interest

Give the day some

Seasoning in either

Experiment or harmony

It’s in the words, I know

The texture on

The tongue and then

The taste


So that there is

An instant call to

Savor everything

Solid or liquid or

Flying through the air

Loose molecules

Like witches’ night

A moon-sailed sky

Fire circle then

Retreat to morning


Or spices like alchemy

Changing the substance of

The world

Adding some wealth

Unto those the

Crusted world deems


The surprise of a reaction

Ruining its surprise

With one of bright living

By those they wish



Some flavoring, please

Please make it real

Even for me

Especially for you


C L Couch



Photo by Cassidy Phillips on Unsplash

My friend is a ceramic artist and made this pitcher, which she is watering her herbs with. It’s beautiful to see art given a purpose.