Reconciliation Easy


There is no war that’s worth it

We’ll be here

Because being here is good

Bring on your armageddon

We won’t be taking part


We have trees to plant

A desert to renew

So much to sweep

We’ll need new brooms

Attaching brushes to bazookas

Dust rags to rocket tips

You may lay your devices

Over there


We’ll need the fire for cooking

Many mouths to feed

In swift rotation

We have a world to recast

Keep your gauntlets out of this

We’re busy

We’ll get to

That part last

Though if they are used up

Expending all munitions

We’ll grow over the crater

As we should

As we must


We might have to be sad

But the heaven we can afford

That’s in our hands

Is waiting to be made

Impatient for joy


C L Couch



Photo by Jeff Ackley on Unsplash