Sometimes Older Metaphors

(not always)


Silent and dry

Like the oasis near the desert

Nature can make the noise

To overwhelm cacophony

Of metal articulation

Plastic reasoning

I know that there’s romance

And romance becomes cliché

Oases, Baghdads, minarets,

Viziers, and genies you

Could call djinn


How novel (and in novels

and our poems)

Centuries ago

To what we think is

Trite imagination

Yet viziers become wizards

New packages and popularities

So I’ll take my oasis, thank you

In all it means

Or used to mean

A place to re-source life

Discover air and water

Make into verses

Eden in small patches

All that’s left

Upon our minds

Of paradise on outcast Earth


C L Couch



Photo by Philipp Lublasser on Unsplash

Epupa Falls, Epupa, Namibia

Coffee Break in Namibia