Spray-Painted World


Victims get so tired,

And they cannot sleep


They have night enough to say

To themselves, who wants it

Where is the day that offers

Vitamins and company with

Expressions on faces we can see?

Beaten from outside

Or deep within

One might be a consequence of

The other

How to find the lowest rung

When certain clouds and darkness

Have an agenda to obliterate

All hope in rising,

I don’t know

As in I can’t guarantee

I can say try, try it to myself as well

Dodge the stroke of perpetration

Push away the smoke,

Ignore the mirrors

Rise above ignominy and presupposed

Punishment from sin that

Circulates, unclaimed, looking for a


(while we’re made of adhesive

you know the childish insult)

Turn a better word to action

Reach for the saving step

To start

It’s there


C L Couch



Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Just Mad