I’ve not had great dreams lately

I yelled at a student

I couldn’t find my way

I argued with my mother


Even getting some of my own way

Did not help then, while yet asleep

Not now, when awake


Dreams work out the subconscious into

Conscious, first for sleep

And now when we’re awake

There is nothing to do

I have no students now

My mother has been gone for years

So what’s a conscious mind to do?

Be more aware, maybe


Readier to withhold a broken branch

And find a whole one to step out on

Spying out the cracks

By the light of day


In a plan or in a consequence

In something about which I’ve been thinking

Or letting stew

Like porridge in a story

Within me


Maybe not so fast

Or when it’s fast, have something more

To use, awareness

Or withholding

Shut up and listen for a while

Having paid attention to the dream


There is association, there

I might miss the whole

Shadowed itself in front of me

With a grayed companion behind

At least I might have cleared the fog, somewhat

Breathing more clearly


In a new and waked-up (I’ll

not say woke for the fashion)



C L Couch