All the Saints Are Quick and Dead

(for 14 February, anywhere)


Today’s the day for love

Where were you yesterday?

Out shopping for me?


But I could use your help

Please don’t let that be a present

If I’m strident, then I’m sorry

But you know how

Things press

And if you don’t, please stay

Roll up your sleeves, as if

To help with dishes

Or the vacuum

(hoovering, they call it)

Or my life

Really, I don’t make it grand

But with you, I’d bear it with style

Let’s sit down

Yes, light a candle

Talk about your small things

And of mine

We can work our way along

To the high and mighty, if we want

Or the inside place

Between extremes

Where each of us lives

All the time


The ministry of saints

Is fine for doctrine

And there’s visitation, too,

I understand

The ministry of presence

Nothing like it


C L Couch



Photo by Andres F. Uran on Unsplash

Alejandro Echavarria, Medellín, Colombia

Candle Fire