Sun’s Already for a Break

(am I)


It’s later in the morning

Than I like to write

Pre-pre dawn is fine

But I was going through some


Last night and couldn’t resist

A few more boxes first thing this

Morning—proof I don’t know how

To live

I found some old course papers

Kept a few, since I’ve discovered

Sometimes schools really want

To see such things

Kept some student work beside, because

It was good

I notice I’m breathing

A little more, now

Now I’ve had a chance to lift and sort

Keep and throw out

Pleased to have thrown out things

A few less boxes from the office

Or the office

Or the cubicle

I’m here now, and what I do is

Here for now

Well, I know

I’ll probably like the coffee


C L Couch



Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash