Crowning Virus



The liar says it’s under control

The doctors and the sick know better

A victim is the one who

First called out


It won’t go without a cure

There isn’t one

If something supernal is revenging

Us, I do not know

Nor can it matter now

We don’t know how to sacrifice

Upon an altar made of stone and wood

It’s just as well

Eventually, we’d think of blood


As a scientific matter,

It could work out

But only if we keep the heart of it

We suffer and we die

On every side


If monolithic fiends could put aside

Gilt agendas

In favor of a geode, crystalline in all



The Earth still shines

We are smart and still have

The better things inside

There is danger like the predator’s

How we respond will make us,

Keep us who we are


C L Couch



Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash