Think God

(a three-part cycle)



Fear and Trembling


Something the Christian

Forgets about so easily

In a place of comfort

Where the enemy is no longer

Satan but each other

Can one have faith and comfort?

Sure, maybe faith first

Comfort without faith

Is drinking from a magic well

That keeps refilling and never

Satisfies thirst

And then there is salvation

Worked out in fear and trembling

A translation for me

Hopefully, a good one

Fear of God incites wisdom,

Which is a paraphrase of what

I hope is also a good translation




Full of awe

This is what God is and

What God demands

But quietly, like a purring cat

Or doting dog

God’s insistence is, if not mitigated,

Then defined by love

And practiced

God is not the tyrant ‘til we let God be

There should be no human models

God is perfect lord

And loving in perfection

No earthly monarch has achieved this

Few have tried

Though a few

A couple of them ruling now

But what do I know, democracy-bound

And preferring it that way


But fear and trembling

Of the world? not so much

But of God,

I should try

So should you



Holy Metaphors


In my translations,

God is a spirit

God is love

And somewhere God is a lion

Not so bad for metaphors

Except they live

As metaphors cannot


Tame lion?

No but good

You know where that’s said

(itself translated)

Love, all love

And perfectly

And we should try

And God is a spirit

As we say, a holy spirit

There might be other spirits

I guess there are

Some good, some bad

But this one’s holy, that is,

Set aside for a spiritual purpose


Which is to say, then, spirit-spirit

Not addition or an algorithm

We cannot match the exponent

Though counting stars might try for it



If God Is Love


If God is love

Then why so much hate?

Because our choices have to count

For that, there must be consequences

This is the price for lack of


No strings—we’re on our own

Free to ally with

Whomever, whatever

Hate is not the absence of love

But the filling up of something else

Close to evil, too close

For righteousness is something we are

Bad at

And hating evil?

Riskiest of all

But there it is

You don’t want evil?

Resist it, mock it

(Catholic and Protestant agree)

Go another way

Ending hate is something of the same

And the fullness not of a side

But of the center of the circle, which

Goes by many names,

Though I imagine you know

The name I’m thinking of

The essence

The purpose

The last metaphor for God


C L Couch



sources cited (poetically, you know)


Philippians 2:12-13

Proverbs 9:10

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Thomas More and Martin Luther are cited.

And Oh, God 2.



Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

Prague, Czechia