We Can Settle War This Way

(if politicians aren’t allowed to play)


I like baseball

It should be the sport

Of queens and kings

There is some contact

Though most it’s between the ball and the glove

And with the glove, the players

On the mound, at home plate, on the bases,

In the field


It is a game of grace

And you need no education for it

I’m all for school

But sometimes degrees are shams

In baseball, we don’t care

We don’t care who you are

Or where you’re from

Our adversaries often make great players


Ballet with bats and balls and hats

And gloves and, when at bat, a helmet

Nine innings to wait through

For excitement

But there is popcorn

Yes and beer

The seventh-inning stretch


And then the moments

Of foreverness

In a hit, a catch, a run

Safe or out

Games that in the sun or under artificial lights

They last


C L Couch



Photo by Rachel Barkdoll on Unsplash