Sometimes things end

They really do

My friends have lost a cat

Who died

I knew him, too


We say each life is precious

Maybe we meant it when

We say it, too

But we act as if

A lack of consciousness

Has taken over

And nothing counts but what

We want,

A pile of what we want


I’m not sure what to do

About flowers

We need them for so many things

Plants, we have to eat them

Life for life?

There is no other way

Until we find the chemicals

That feed us without

Killing the planet

Or our insides

Even then, there will be carbon

The basis for all life

We must consume that, yes?

Then it will be gone until we are gone,

Blended back into the universe

Molecularly speaking


There must be an exchange

Small life for bigger life

Plants, maybe fish

Some think chickens are too stupid

To be let go

Maybe we made them that way


But there must be endings:

In the living things we eat

In the blood we surrender when

We are wounded

In the life we surrender

Because mortality is limited,

And all things

Might be finite


There is sex

That’s an ending, too

Even in release

In order to have life

Other things are ending

Measures of freedom


If a lack can count as something

Lack of responsibility is ending

To have something new

Maybe it’s a cycle

Though miraculous each time

Unique like (and as) a new story


So there’s a mystery

Ending life to have life

The seasons teach us

Lessons in the trees

Even evergreens have seasons

Plants that are perennial

Plants that need replanting

New life that is spring

And what is new each day


I don’t like endings

The idea,

When it happens


Which might be why we

Salute an ending with some alcohol

The deading of some brain cells

So we might get over

Counting out mortality


And here’s an ending

Because there has to be one


C L Couch



Photo by Conor Firth on Unsplash

Hayden, CO, USA