Yes, I am

Yes, I will

It could be no

And sometimes should be

Without doubt

But life goes better with a yes

To grease the wheels

Or whatever

Yes means

I’ll take the job

I’ll join this group

I’ll marry you

Yes means there is light—

Sometimes after no that happens,


But the yesses move the world

Not to talk you into anything

Say yes doesn’t mean that all is well

But that the response aims to be

Affirmative in attitude

Or style

And maybe, as the saint says,

All shall be well





No is a suitable companion

Keep in a pocket at the ready—

No is therapeutic

Sometimes preventative—

For every now and then


As a sound, well, it brings us down

It’s ingrained

Who said the first no?

Gilgamesh to his kingdom

He would leave to

Find his friend (which turned out to be

a no as well);

Cain who said no, he didn’t know

Where his brother was,

Even though blood was calling out

From the land

Hm, no wonder we don’t like the no

It’s been around

And naught, so to say, for good


But it can be good

Don’t forget its practicality

Often, there’s relief just after

Some wisdom gained

With some unpleasant heat

Some discovery

About what we want

Or for the time

What we need


C L Couch



(Saint Julian of Norwich affirms in her work that “All shall be well.”)


Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Rieserferner Group, Rein in Taufers, Italy

Pastel is beautiful!