Going into Woods


I’m not sure

Which way to turn

Or if the path is widening


A track would do

It needn’t be easy-going

Only a way that shows enough

Of this step and the next

Maybe it’s in a desert

Though I’d prefer a forest

With patches of sun and shade

On the ground

Rising to the sky

There could be a breeze to

Touch my face

With all the sounds around

Of everything that nature’s

Creatures call

To one another


But if a desert, so

And if a track I can barely see,

So be it

I haven’t mentioned company

Though I know of nothing bearing

That would say this journey

Must be taken alone

But the right companions

Well-humored, uncomplaining save

For the things we all complain

About with just enough good talk

To keep us going

With—this would be grace—long,

Deep listening when we stop

For night


Who knows where we’re going,

Some might have a quest

Others, questions

What I know is that we would be moving

I would be on the way

With them:

Nature, nature’s creatures,


Acquaintances, siblings, parents,

Friends, all those

We know

And have yet to know


C L Couch



Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash