There and There

(and back again)


The moon is blue

The sky beyond is bluer

I wish I knew a torchy song to sing

Something that might work

In a film noir

Or at the halfway point

In a musical revue


But in a time of hobbits and

Of elves, this night might

Be converted into singing,

Storytelling of another kind

With fires sparked

By magic and with other, eldritch lights,

With fire in the eyes

Of those who trill laments

Of epic heroes lost so long ago


But, sigh,

We are in the backyard

On some chairs,

Cast-off lumber from a project

In the pit

And there are sticks

For cooking marshmallows

And maybe we don’t sing

Except for little choruses, here and



With no lament except

Too soon we will have eaten,

The fire will have mostly

Died, our extinguishing the rest

The best next thing we’ll do

Is sleep


C L Couch



Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

Fire Pit