If I Were a Teen

(in pandemic time)


If I were a teen,

I’d read a book, I guess

Something touchable to do

I’d go outside as often

As I could,

Though the freedom

Would be limited

Because I’d have to talk

With friends six feet away

And never play

If we wore gloves

(latex inside leather),

Could we play catch?


I might have a phone

And thankful for

The blanking skills I have

To focus on the screen,

Missing everything

Else around me

I’d play something,

I suppose, on the computer

Gaming with my friends

Making new ones

As teammates across

The world, perhaps

If only in


I’d have meals with my

Family, because that would

Become important

Maybe I’d eat less and

More often

I’d take walks for exercise

Volunteer to walk the

Dog, if I have one

I’m sure there are calisthenics

To go through inside

But really


This would be the strangest

Time for me

I should be in school, though

There might be good things

In being away

But after a while I might

Find it all ridiculous

How do I finish my grade?

Do I start over?

Will what I have to do at home

Be enough?

Will I know what

I really need to know?


Maybe I’d learn something


Maybe I’d re-appreciate

My siblings, if I have them

Maybe I’d also

Try not to be afraid

Because people I know

Or I

Might get sick

Or might die

I hear the numbers

Of people doing each


I’ll do chores

And try not

To drive anyone at home

Crazy, crazier

Because that could get serious

I’ll try to be thankful

Though at my age

That’s hard

But not impossible

This time is not impossible


C L Couch


Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash