Coronavirus Is Republican

(or Democrat)


Is the virus partisan?

Does it respect one group

Over another?

If you get to be

Surrounded by doctors

Then maybe you’re okay,

Though even then


With fifties Martian-like antennae

‘Round a bulbous planet,

I don’t think the virus

Cares except to replicate

Make more of itself

Trying to take out whatever

Might be in the way

Until it meets the stronger thing

Like Nietzsche


But it is not a politician

Who should wear a mask

As an example,

Public servant

It is not the people who

Try to do it right

And might still get sick

There is no quid pro quo

The virus doesn’t bargain

Maybe summer heat will help us

As good as any other

Don’t campaign on the virus

You will lose

Like the gambling house,

The virus wins


C L Couch



Photo by Odysseas Chloridis on Unsplash

Thessaloniki, Greece

A visual depiction of the corona virus outbreak and the isolation it has caused throughout the world.