God’s Eyes Were Watching Them


In a good way

God doesn’t care

You did it, so what

You thought this destructive thing

And then another

No big deal

Outside the gate


You did what?

God knows,

Has seen it, will only tally it

If you want it that way

But has other

Things more pressing

And other parts of people

To see without


It’s not carte blanche

For crime

Or open book on wrong

Sin is still sin

And justice hasn’t changed


But there is forgiveness

Repentance—turning ‘round

There is an asking

With a statement of


With or without articulation

Captain Stormfield came to God

Then died

Was drowned right after

The revival

We could meet him there

If he weren’t

A fictional exemplar


The real is the real

And pointers of all kinds

The hurt we cause

Means something

There is a code

With punishment

But leave it to the one

Who does each perfectly

Change the heart

Not like a bed

And enter heaven

Like a morning, after


We might be surprised to find

Blank pages in the book

Not because what matters

Doesn’t matter

But in the times

That eschatology tries


We might be surprised to find

What is remembered,

What is

Just as good as let go


C L Couch



Their Eyes Were Watching God, a novel by Zora Neale Hurston

“Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven,” a short story by Mark Twain


Photo by Wengang Zhai on Unsplash