I Love George Floyd

(so do you)


We can’t stand it, can we?

The deaths of blacks

The killers, whites

There was peaceful protest

Look here and there,

It’s still there

Can you imagine the press on

Minneapolis and Washington

From a peaceful surge of


But we can’t trust the

Leadership and institutions,

Which is why the world

Was set on fire


Who are the thugs? we wonder

Who wants real change?

Who simply wants to burn things down,

If not on assignment?


Who is hungry?

Who has no shelter for the night

Or year

Or lifetime?

There is an ad for an N95-looking mask

In designer colors and the words

Below in red, “ONLY $9.95” with an

Exclamation point


“We the people,” the governor says

Well, he’s on to something

This is where we live,

Where we want to live

An equality of opportunity,

Who would object?

Some would but not those in need

For having less

Or nothing

And having what there was

Taken away


Destruction promises nothing

But less to have, to use

Maybe to share

After the fires, will there be change?

Those who burn will probably

Want to burn again

It becomes a lifestyle

Though addictions can be counseled

And people change, anyway


But what do I know

I never burned down anything

I doubt you have, either

And if you have, you might have

A reason you can speak to

Though I’d still say

You shouldn’t have done it


But I’m not large enough

My force isn’t large enough

Or my head, my heart to understand

Such things

Such saints will have to be brought on

Who understand

The need

The hurt

The rage

Maybe the opportunity that comes

In masks

And months-long lockdown

I’m not trying to be clever

I think you know I have to say this


But he died

And we are left alive

Justice is in heaven

It can’t live there, alone


C L Couch



by Lorie Shaull from Saint Paul, United States – an “Our Hearts Break” sign along 38th St in Minneapolis on Wednesday, after the death of George Floyd on Monday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=90742474