She shares with us how it is, and I hope she is persisting.


I wonder is racism okay, until it doesn’t kill someone?

Is it okay if it just makes you cry at 3 a.m because you felt so ugly and humiliated as anyone refused to sit next to you because they find you appalling because of your complexion and don’t find you enough to be friends with?

Is it okay if it just makes you question about your worth day in and out?

Is it okay if it gets you removed outta a play because the heroine needs to fair and lovely and not dusky and ugly?

Is it okay if the lead actress for a dusky character had to get herself painted so that she can look dusky enough because either the industry doesn’t have enough dusky heroines or they prefer a fair-skinned over the one who actually is dusky, defying the whole purpose of the film?

I wonder is it…

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