Fox and Grapes

(the nature of a scorpion)


There are so many stories

Out there,

Which is grand

Here’s one story you know


The tortoise and the hare

The hare should have won

It stopped to take a nap

It should have finished the race


Then had all sorts of time

Appointment-free for napping

But there was vanity


(I’m going to say he)

Could not resist

And there are morals


If you’re a tortoise

Find and maintain your pace,

For that’s your job

If you’re a hare,

Remember modesty

In a wider world

And turn your energy


You could have helped the tortoise,

After all


C L Couch



Scott Rheam, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Black-Tailed Jackrabbit (lepus californicus). Image from public-domain images website.

(, Wikimedia)