Step Sessions


We have a journey to go on

Called today

I don’t know how many steps we’ll take

Maybe we’ll travel like Thoreau

Considering the cosmos in a walk to town


Maybe one place will be literal

The other living

Where stars are born

The nebula inside

Cradles of thought

To set us on our way


Until the dark of night brings out the offspring

Literal nebulae

A star for each thought born out there

A universe of mind, as it may

Marking a journey

Like our own,

Roaming energy

Through two sets of cells


Two trips going inexorably

No competition needed, no going to war

We can have quiet or make noise

Any media for growth

Though I will say

Maybe going gently’s not so bad

In a night of stars

As thoughts and ours


How many steps a journey?

Some might want

To know,

Which is okay

Let the universe and us



C L Couch



“Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas


Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash

Newton, MA, USA

Heart Nebula