And does he have the shoulders

For the world, and shall

We place a wheel and turtle

Under him as well

Maybe add a hazelnut

The world on an axis,

On a pin

Where angels dance

And wait for orders

To Megiddo and apocalypse


And is everything so fragile

A speck of virus brings us down

Remembering that vanity

Leads us to the feet of Ozymandias

One day

Maybe today


And should Atlas need some help

Before his feet have slipped

And all the foundation

Maybe what we have in orbit

Could help

If not, we might also

Ask what we are doing there


I’ve left off

The marks, signs

Of use and abuse,

Because they stand

As statement, too

There is a quality should save us,

If we understand

Its works

It doesn’t mean stop everything

Or ball up into fetal uselessness

In fact, it calls for greater

Energy and effort

That simply will not pay

The same


But will save the fragile, spinning Earth

Of us

And all we’ve done to

Knock it off its pinions

And platforms

And should it have a course

To meet faces of other worlds

And the face of God,

Should all or any have us


C L Couch



Photo by GMB Monkey on Unsplash

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