Maybe we’ve done enough

For now

There is an artificial virtue

Made of busyness

It’s plastic in the worst way,



Activity in, paycheck out

As if that were enough

So we make new virtues

Out of ennui,

What passes for

The watercooler

Probably online


There should be joy in work

In accomplishment

What to say if the jobs

Were never ours

By art or temperament

But we took them, anyway

Because need honestly drives


What we have, we have

And if it’s not satisfaction,

Then we’ll have to

Add it in

Sorry perhaps

But for each there’s a life that’s calling

It isn’t busy

But it can be filled

With oxygen and all kinds

Of proper acquisition

Not to mention better



Tempered by others


A community whose circle

Is kept porous

For something new

Maybe in companionship

To keep

Or with kindness

To let go


Which is to say

Caprice is never warranted

We are allowed to want

We don’t have to seek

Or keep

In avarice

Protection notwithstanding

(we protect each other),

A life of want and keep

Should be just fine


There’s room for everyone

And everyone deserves a turn

The invitation to speak

Should go all around

The planet

The planet’s big; there are

Resources for it


If a message, aimed at anyone

Because no one is particular,

Says be afraid

Be angry

When there’s no reason

And we have our better things to do


Let’s put it away

Walk on

Find friends

And whatever we have made

And are making

Of homes

Of home,

The better urge for work


C L Couch



Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash