(pandemic time)


Just is going by so quickly

Soon will be the ides

And yet how can that be?

We’re inside in pandemic time

The days are blurred

The hours should be slow

As if marked

By a Gothic clock

That ticks without relenting

In a ruined house

But here it is, half the month

Is nearly done

Maybe the problem is

Each day is rushing by,

Losing pieces

As an airplane hull in a comic book

Crashing craft before the superhero


Lifting up the plane

Restoring those of us inside

To safe living on the ground


What we’re used to

Isn’t happening

All the things we’re told need doing

In each hour

So the hour slides

Collecting in a bin, somewhere

Maybe we think the hours

Will be called back into service,

Though really I think we know they’re gone

And with them,

All our former expectations


We want time to wait

So we might catch up what has gone

Bring it back into our time

That it might rush again

But we’ve heard the occasional


Like soft-spoken prophets

Telling us that normal will have to be


And then

It’s all right

We will have it

Back and for the first time

Hello, I must be going (Captain Spaulding)

Time will be back

To fill more as we wish

Though there is a call

In the air

Or on the tables with our alarm clocks

Inviting us to be more woke,

As we’re saying,

For the day


A day of work

A day of home

A day of work at home

School out there

Jobs out there

Keeping them inside, too

Inside us

The Earth is a busy place,

Though not so much in nanoseconds

As in seasons

Seasons of life

And letting go of life


When we return,

We’ll have the chance to keep some things

Old things and new

Making a fuller way to live

A fuller way to understand

Ourselves, our families, our friends

The world we’ve been given

And still have, for now


Intertwining life

With more threads for the loom

More strands in the weaving

Valuing some things

We always said

We’d get around to

Such as lifelong learning

Family really matters

Well, it’s turning into a banner over town

Relax, enjoy the day

Fill it with what you will

Or let it go

But here is a chance

For an awful reason

To repack our lives,

Leaving what’s no longer needed

Along an existential road

Backing into what we’ll call

Another time

That now is past

We’ll walk straighter in the now

(straighter however we go)

With vision, other senses for today

And some toward the future


Tomorrow hopefully will grow

And then a little more

But have today

A first day in July,

All the hours in a day and season

Count them slowly, count them fast

Count them not at all

Let time be a blanket

Rest or play or work upon it


Breathe fully

A gift of air from the sky

And the host above, below

The maker it works for

Who will, as we will,

Keep the time for us in

What happens

And what happens next


C L Couch



Photo by Ian Macharia on Unsplash

Kargi, Kenya

Took this on a trip to Kargi, a remote nomadic settlement in Kenya. It’s been a while since I got to experience a people so constantly happy and full of joy as the people of here.