Christmas in July

(for the editor of a local newspaper)


I think it was largely a retail invention

I think it still is

There was a movement

For a while this year

To display Christmas

Or holiday lights,

But I don’t think it took on

Maybe was subsumed

By a trenchant desire

To be normal,

Which evidently has to be

A retrograde feeling

Too bad, since lights on houses

In July would be cool without,

You know, being cold

At least in these parts

I’d be up for Aussies and

Kiwis joining the movement,


Lights and music

Maybe a sensation or two

We wouldn’t have to call it

Christmas—how much does the

Birth of Christ resonate, anyway?

We could be respecting of

All the good traditions

(there are many)

Frankly, nodding toward

Colors, maybe music

Gift-giving could take a pass

Let’s use what we already


For fun, adding a toy penguin,

Maybe a dinosaur (also

stuffed, not stuffing us)

Or two

Not to make it chaos

But, to borrow from another

Celebration, a cornucopia

Inclusive, somewhat organized

Revelry without the stress

The other days have had

A campaign, then,

For all the senses in community

Unseasonal holidays in July


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy


C L Couch



Photo by Sandra Grünewald on Unsplash