The Final Countdown


And if we remember


Let’s remember

God is love

Even inside the pit

Whose floor no one

Above has found

God is not only

On the floor but also


Propping up the Earth

Until all prisoners

Are released

Until the harrowing

Is done

Until what remains in hell

Is nothingness,



The devil without a job

Receives an invitation

To go above,


Wherever devils

Have met with God


No victory lap

No dumping Gatorade

The winner loves the loser

There is a reckoning

And everything

Has mattered

This is no rehearsal


And it can mean something

If not all

For God to offer

To the devil

Forgiveness on the way

To freedom

Knowing such

Practiced usurpation

Could turn it down

Remain there, alone

Waiting for a

Final confrontation,


And misquoting Scripture

All this time


C L Couch



Photo by Aida L on Unsplash