I’d like to live in sunshine

I’d need some shade

Maybe water in the distance

Perhaps a chair and a small table

While I’m ordering

I shouldn’t forget the breeze

That would be an easy place

Oh, all the time


I’m imagining

My situation next

To a tall tree

From which, you know,

All the shade has come

Did you get that, angels?

I know you have important work

To do

Are you ever on a break?


Maybe between assignments, you could

Swing (should I say wing?) my way

Toward what really are

Small miracles

Even though they’d make a world

For me,

Any company—

So I’ll need more chairs


C L Couch



Photo by MusicFox Fx on Unsplash

reminds me of the character of the seraphim in Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quartet