All Days

(pandemic time)


July seems to be rushing

Toward conclusion

I’m not sure how that is

But there is a number at

The lower right-hand corner

That changes

Every day

And soon will be over


Maybe because it’s hard to

Tell the weekdays from

Each other

I was certain Sunday it was


Which should be the

Mind providing one more day

Rather than one less

But, you see,

All the days are merging

In self-quarantine

I imagine you know

What I mean


Some day we’ll be over it

Not because we say so

And we’ll look back in time

To wonder how we did it

With worse help

From Washington—well, there

I’ll need

To get beyond it, too

Not simply the spate of days


Cheers to August

More time for discovery

Maybe the science news

Like numbers for days

Will turn forward


C L Couch



Photo by Tim Umphreys on Unsplash

Council Bluffs, United States

While shooting off fireworks on the Fourth of July, a summer storm rumbled in the distance. Crystal clear skies, beautiful stars, and picturesque lightning made for an incredible moment.