Resting is a process

When we’re not exhausted

So that sleep is something like


(we might as well have fainted)

Spiritual rest, more so

A process, and there are

Some truly mortal things

We can do


Do you have a favorite place?

Something you like to drink

That will enhance

(not abrogate) the experience?

Like violins singing beneath

The piano solo,

Can you wear something comfortable

Or comfortably?

And here it is,

Will you give yourself some time?


By doctrine, it’s a whole day

But take what you will give

Half a day, an hour

Twenty minutes, five

Do you need a prescription?

Get someone to write you one

Better yet, write it



Read something, then and there

Write something

Pray something

Or do next to nothing

But be present

In the moment, as de Caussade

Has recommended

Think things

Feel things through

Decide something, if you must

Though you don’t have to

And it might be better

If you don’t



Reach out to someone else

Especially, if you took help

To make sabbath happen

Didn’t I mention getting help?

Well, feel free

Always feel free


C L Couch



(The Sacrament of the Present Moment by Jean-Pierre de Caussade)


Photo by Matthew Angus on Unsplash

Jerusalem, Israel

Devotion in prayer.