Unkept Doctrine

(and unkempt)


I’ve been meaning to

Write about grace

The kind that is


That no one can hold onto

That has no rules except

To help ‘til heroes return


Like crumpling a butterfly

In a human hand,

It doesn’t

Mean so much if you try

To clutch it

Or claim at all it’s yours

It isn’t yours

And can’t be claimed by anyone

Don’t try


Enjoy the benefit

In a sunshine of surprise

Don’t polish it

Or ever, every try

To keep it on a shelf

It has no rules that we’re aware of

Someone, yes,

Not us

To those who want to market it,

You’ll learn, if you have to

Then be forgotten

It’s as if grace has a contract


Chaotically enforced

When someone tries

To own it


The rest of us

Will bask, when we never thought

We’d have the chance

To breathe at all



C L Couch



Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

New York, United States

Steam venting in Manhattan.