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God is good

We say this

I think more people have more

Ways to say that

God is great

Maybe that sounds too much

Like a battle cry, so

USA suburbanites say

At grace

That God is good


We like the notion of

God as our friend

And God is our friend

Jesus has said so

Maybe those with God

But without God as a person

See this attitude

As thankless

Even while we’re thanking God


We lack perspective of

The God who leads us into

War or will take us to

A majestic place called paradise

When our impersonal

Services are done


It’s hard for us

With God as a person

And a friend

To think about torn flesh

In crucifixion,

Muscles pushing the lungs

To breathe

Blood flowing everywhere

And visceral humiliation

But this is what we did to God

Don’t try to place it on a group

We all took part


God our friend

Jesus whom we love

We killed him

And forgot the resurrection

Buried him away

And felt satisfied with that

Or mourned


So desiccated doctrine

That while hiding

Satisfied or scared

We wouldn’t take a drink of news

That it was not all over

Never had been


The women and a man

Were first witnesses then heralds

Met with skepticism

Most likely scoffs

Maybe cursing

Sanhedrin and the Romans would

Have strategized

Large human spiders among webs

While closer disciples

Struggled (badly) to perceive

To understand the words

That spoke to sights and sounds

And all sensations

From the encounters at the rounded

Tomb of Joseph

Whose first resident was gone

An absurdity, if not a crime

Of action


Our rabbi

Our teacher and our friend

By his own words three nights ago

Has been taken

That’s the best disciples’ thoughts could do

Modern minds would have done no better

Except to maybe add a layer of

Arrogance to it

Because in the here and now

We know better


Well, there was a disappearance

Then the appearing happened

God with us again


Where had God gone?

Nowhere in particular

Maybe to harrow hell


God with us again

And, by the way,

Is God

Majestic and inventive

Fear and love beholden

From souls and minds

And anything that moves in us

That breathes

That has being


C L Couch



Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

Harissa, Lebanon