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Easygoing Hallucinations


Thanks to the medicine

And exhaustion,

There are movements

To the side and over there

That I impulsively

Give shape and reason

Some kind of small

Creature interloping,

Though I should know by now

Is nothing there

It is a gray feeling

To go through this so often

Not nightmares

Or reason for

The intervention of an institution

Small things I see

That are not there,

The first intrusion in a

Hospital after two days

Of sleeplessness

And drugs

And afterward,

My chest having been opened

With inside parts set

To the side so that

Parts of the heart

Could be cleaned out

It worked

It was trauma

There is legacy

For the time there is

I do not complain

For having days and days

Since then

And maybe many more

If there are new challenges,

I’d say it’s gratitude

That campaigns

For quotidian victory

Brings me to the river,

Though we don’t

Cross over yet


C L Couch



Photo by Rene Böhmer on Unsplash

Graz, Austria

Moody Reflections