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In a Week or So


They’re old and white

And waiting for

Each other to die

Republicans and Democrats

Meanwhile, they hold

Power as if they own it,

Forgetting that everything

Is lent,

Stewards of the vine

To whom accounting will be due

Once the owner returns

Maybe in the times

We did not know them

They did some good

Something inclusive

Something that

Cost them for a difference

Where are they now,

Where are their souls?

I do not know

Or have to know

Thank goodness, it’s not up to me

To judge them

Or to you

We have the privilege

To vote them in or out

They have the greater privilege

To serve beyond themselves

To represent our counting

The measure of our mood

And of our will


C L Couch



Photo by Jana Shnipelson on Unsplash

Minsk, Беларусь