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Woden’s Day


Sometimes I sits and thinks,

and sometimes I just sits

—Satchel Paige


Maybe a half-blind god

Is what we need


It’s been a quiet

Afternoon, mostly

I mean, the cars have

To go by, though

There haven’t been so

Many and somehow

A blue sky with white

Clouds tampers everything

If only in the mind


I’m trying to write,

And it’s not going badly

(though much of that

is left up to you at last)

Though I’ve said that

I’m not sure what

To put down next

It is a process, isn’t it?

A balance between casting

‘Round and thinking

Considering what breaks

The heart with enough

Reason so that

Someone else might understand

Maybe not so much with mind

But with the other

Sensing parts, the ones that

Must interpret the world

Around, deciding how to act

Right before its time


Take a breath

The sky remains blue, even

Though the afternoon

Light is slanting a little more

Toward twilight


We haven’t looked

The other way

God is still with us with

One eyes or two eyes

With who knows

How many fingers

To make or toes to walk

Among us;

We’ve taken a few specs

Of time to be somewhere

Else for a while,

A place where we don’t

Have to count

With the nation and the world


C L Couch



Photo by Will Paterson on Unsplash

DL8 2PS, Bedale, United Kingdom